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Miriam and ...

Some of Miriam Rothschild's many interests are reflected on this page. Visitors can explore for themselves by following the links that are included in the text.

... Butterflies

Miriam Rothschild was a strong supporter and vice-president of Butterfly Conservation, an organisation founded in 1968.

The Spring 2008 issue of Butterfly outlines the history of the organisation and notes the role played by Miriam and other members of her family in butterfly conservation.

... Fleas

Yesterday evening we watched Miriam Rothschild on BBC 2's "Seven Wonders of the World" series and thought she was terrific - entertaining, vital and astonishing. But the programme was all too short - half an hour. I want it repeated, enlarged and for her to give hours more of her knowledge and wisdom. I want to know more (or at least I think I do) about the microscopic pond creature that can disappear up its own fundament; about the remarkable hopping of fleas; and about carotenoids, colour, light and sight. [...] -- 23 March 1995
From My Name Escapes Me - The Diary of a Retiring Actor by Alec Guinness (Penguin, 1996)

The Honourable Miriam Rothschild passed her collection of some 1500 flea reprints to the library of the Royal Entomological Society, London.

Visit the Flea News website.

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