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The Butterfly Gardener

Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005), the eldest child of Charles and Rozsika, was educated at home at Tring and Ashton Wold. She inherited her passion for zoology and nature conservation from her father and his brother, Walter. Although she never took a university degree, she has received many honours and awards in recognition of her contribution to scientific research and conservation. She has honorary doctorates from the universities of Oxford, Gothenburg, Hull, Northwestern (Chicago), Leicester, the Open University, Essex and Cambridge, and she and Victor became the only brother and sister to both become Fellows of the Royal Society.

Her publications are extensive: 369 have been identified for this bibliography. The majority are articles of scholarly research published in scientific journals: through these the development of her research from systematics and parasitology to chemical ecology can be traced. Alongside these are a number of monographic publications in the field of natural history, including six volumes of a catalogue of her father's collection of fleas. She has also written on family themes including biographies of Walter and Charles, and an illustrated study of Rothschild gardens. In later years her concern for conservation can be seen in her contributions to books which encourage gardeners to put nature first.

The bibliography has been divided into several manageable groups based on years of publication. The various groupings can be reached by using the links below:

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